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ACS Biomarker is a medical diagnostics company delivering biomarker discovery and validation services to academic and industry partners. The company has a track-record in biomarker research. Our first discovery was Galectin-3, an FDA approved biomarker for heart failure, now available in the clinic. ACS Biomarker is located on the premises of the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam and our team works closely together with AMC researchers and clinicians. Our lab is equipped with highly-advanced infrastructure for conducting RNA and protein biomarker studies. We performed over 400.000 measurements for a variety of national and international research groups. Next to RNA isolation and RNA profiling, we offer customized data analysis support.

Your partner


ACS Biomarker actively participates in multiple European and Dutch biomarker research consortia. We work closely together with academic and industry research groups to drive progress in biomarker development. We continuously look for new partners who focus on biomarker discovery and validation. ACS Biomarkers mission is to contribute to innovative research as  service provider or as partner in grant applications or research consortia. If you are interested to explore collaboration opportunities please contact us.



...they performed an unprecedented quality control of the miRNA measurements using an in-house developed analysis pipeline...

Prof. Dr. Thomas Thum, MD

MHH Hannover, Eur J Heart Fail, Oct 2017

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